Holiday Madrasah


We have developed a long term curriculum where our children can learn how to read the Holy Qur’an, with the correct tajweed & thereafter memorise the Qur’aan.  Our curriculum is a unique combination between modern methods with traditional objectives and methodologies.

We give them the time and focus that they need to be proficient in reading, recite from memory, learn the meanings of Allaah’s Names, be able to implement them in their lives, important du’aas and more

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Learn Qur’aan with Holiday Madrasah

Learning the Qur’aan is an important part of every child’s upbringing and the Madrasah is the key learning hub for every Muslim child. At Keen On Deen, we have taken a wholistic approach, catering to all your child’s Islamic needs.

At our madrasah, we have many unique features that will allow your child to maximise their efforts and make full benefit from their time.

Class – Dates & Times

Our holiday madrasah is 4 weeks.

Summer Holiday

  • Dates

    4 Weeks: 5th to 30th Aug

  • Days

    Monday to Friday

  • Time


This is an Madrasah


Our curriculum is made of 6 levels, starting from learning how to read to memorising the whole Qur’aan.


Qaaidah, Arabic and Islamic Studies

With our unique curriculum, we purposefully wrote and published our own foundation books teaching both how to read the letters with the rules of tajweed. We took a unique approach to teaching the letters focussing on the location of articulation along with distinguishing the attributes between them.

We also integrated into it Islamic lessons related to the names of Allaah, important Islamic manners and etiquette and du'aas.

Reading & Memorisation

After publishing our foundation course we further published our own materials as it relates to memorisation of the Qur'aan, integrating lessons on Arabic, understanding and explanation of the Qur'aan, tajweed and more.

Each child will be required to read every session if they can read independently, and also memorise some portion of the Quraan
A Modern Approach With Traditional Methods

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