Youth Workshop


This is a ticket to attend one of our youth workshops. Select the workshop you wish to register for.
Fees are to be paid at least 2 days after registration and 2 days before each session takes place. This is just to reserve your place as spaces are limited. If payment is not received two days before the event or two days after booking, your booking will be cancelled. Details on how to pay will be emailed to you once this booking has been completed.

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Keen On Deen Workshops

We have a collection of different workshops for the youth to learn about their Islam and in order to help them navigate their lives. To find out more about them select one of them below, or book them above.

Preparation for further education

This workshop is an answer to the many threats our children face while studying in full time education. They have to navigate doubts from their colleagues and tutors, they have to learn Islamically foreign ideas and they have to also manage their natural inclinations and desires.

The Messenger of Allaah صلى الله عليه و سلم said regarding one of those shaded in Allaah's Shade, the day there is no shade but His Shade:

"...A young person who is raised upon the worship of Allaah..."

We ask Allaah make our children from among them.